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Esrar Race Is Tomorrow

Esrar Race Qatar

Expect a weekend full of action and excitement as Doha is preparing to host Esrar Race, the country’s first ever obstacle course race.

The Aspire Zone Foundation has a thrill-packed weekend waiting ahead. On Monday, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) Events Manager Abdullah Al Khater announced that they will be hosting Esrar, the country’s first ever obstacle course race this weekend.

On Saturday, March 25, as many as 500 athletes, both professional and amateur, will compete in the ultimate challenge made up of 13 obstacles.

National champion and Olympic silver medallist Mutaz Essa Barshim is serving as the brand ambassador for the race, and will also be participating. Coming freshly out of off-season, the race will be his opener and hopefully will put him back into competitive mode, he told press.

While initially expecting between 250 and 300, reports are saying that as many as 500 eager participants have signed up to the challenge. They will be trying to overcome a course of 13 obstacles, including commando crawl, tyres split, balance beam, sandbag lifting, vertical cargo, high wall jumps and high wall climbs.

The race will kick-off at 7 AM at Aspire Park, and is open to both men and women who are above legal age (18). Registration stands a QR 356 and can be paid online through Q Tickets.

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