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Architect Designs The Big Bend For New York

A render of the Big Bend building design - oiio studio

What could possibly become the longest building in the world, the Big Bend, follows a new philosophy, long instead of tall.

Oiio, an architecture firm based in new has pitched a 4,000-foot-long skyscraper for Manhattan dubbed the Big Bend. what could possible be the longest building in the world, the building follows a rather unique new concept philosophy of architecture.

A render of the bottom and end of the Big Bend skyscraper design - oiio studio

A render of the bottom parts of the Big Bend skyscraper design – oiio studio

It was designed by Ioanni Oikonomou and if ever built, would be made up of what looks like two towers on 57th Street that would connect in mid-air over the Calvary baptist Church.

Currently, a 77-floor condo building and an older seven-story building stand on the site of the proposed construction site. Each side of the tower would be 2,000 feet high, but together they would make up one 4,000-foot-long tower, making it longer than any other tower in the world, however, not the highest.

The Big Bend is Oikonomou’s vision of future New York, remodeled by growing luxury skyscrapers on the block that is referred to as Billionaires Row.

There has been some criticism over the proposed project, some believe that it is silly, others don’t want it in the area, but nevertheless, it is undeniably the most futuristic building anyone has ever seen so far.

If built, it could compete with the iconic Empire State building, Chrysler Building and the Flatiron Building as one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in New York city.

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