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Iron Fist – Netflix Review

Iron fist

The long awaited newest edition to the Marvel Universe and Netflix venture is out. Iron Fist, the story of a New York Kung Fu monk.

Iron Fist is the third Marvel Cinematic Universe series that’s on Netflix, which marks a step closer towards the Defenders, a series where the four superhumans come together as a team.

The show is and isn’t everything you expected from the trailer. Finn Jones stars as Danny Rand, a boy from New York who was raised by monks at a monastery in the distant mountains after his parents plane crashed. Years after, Rand returns to New York to claim his father’s multi-billion dollar company who is run by who he thought were his family.

It is not long before he finds that The Hand, a mysterious and evil organization had deeply rooted itself within the Rand enterprise. But that’s okay, because Danny is also the Iron Fist, the sworn enemy of The Hand.

First season was just released on Netflix, and is made up of 12 episodes. You’ll be happy to see some characters from previous Marvel series return to their roles in Iron Fist, like Claire Temple, Jeri Hogarth and Colleen Wing.

The show will eventually lead up to the Defenders series. A show where Iron Fist teams up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and the Punisher to form the ultimate superhero ensemble to save New York.

The show might start off a bit slow, but it is only easing into things. The more you watch, the more thrilling it gets, with Finn nailing his role as a New York billionaire Buddhist monk who was raised in a temple.

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