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Top 5 Cities With Worst Quality Of Life

Top 5 Cities With Worst Quality Of Life

Mercer, one of the world’s largest HR consultancy firms, released this year’s Quality of Living Index, and Arab cities top the list.

The Independent looked through Mercer’s annual Quality of Living Index and brought you the world’s worst 27 cities based on quality of life, but three out of the top five spots are Arab cities.

Not only are they big cities, but capital cities which were once beautiful cultural and business hubs.

Mercer looked at some 450 cities around the world, taking into account factors that would add, or deduct, from the quality of life. These factors include political and social environment, economy, education, public service, healthcare and natural environment among other things.

Here are the 5 worst:

5. Khartoum, Sudan


Once a beautiful and culturally rich city, years of political instability, economic crisis and poor governance have made the city a key recruiting ground for ISIS.

4. Port Au Prince, Haiti

Port Au Prince

What is supposed to be a Caribbean paradise but a series of devastating natural disasters have left if crippled. Today the city is full with violent crime and has become dangerous to tourists.

3. Sana’a, Yemen


Sana’a was one of the most beautiful cities in world, full of clay houses, some of which date as far back as 1400 years. However, political instability and war has badly damaged the city and left many of its inhabitants without basic needs for life.

2. Bangui, Central African Republic


Stepping into Bangui for someone from a more developed country is like stepping into the past. The city lack most modern infrastructure and its citizens rely on foreign aid for survival. These conditions have developed over years of violent street wars.

1. Baghdad, Iraq


Once a booming tourist attraction, Baghdad has been destroyed by several wars in recent years. Today the city suffers from frequent terrorist attacks, which have left its infrastructure heavily damaged.

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