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Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing

Qatar’s Boating Community Is Growing

The number of luxury yachts and boats in Qatar have risen to a point the government is including the country’s boating community in their plans.

Boating is not new to Qatar, but is rooted deep into the peninsula’s history and heritage. For centuries, the inhabitants of the Qatari Peninsula depended on the sea to survive and thrive. Fishing was the main source of food, diving for pearls was their profession, and trading with sailors was their business. So there’s no wonder how connected to the sea the people of Qatar are.

The popularity, or rather availability, of boats have risen to a point that authorities recently announced that they will be building 1,000 new berths spots for private ships, boats and yachts. They will be located across four state owned harbors in Al Ruwais, Al Khor, Al Zakhira and Al Wakrah.

The initiative was launched after a noticeable difference between the number of registered private boats and ships within the ministry and the number of available docking spots.

Dhow boats outside Doha, Qatar

Dhow boats outside of Doha, Qatar

There’s one particular boat that Qatar and its people have a very special relationship with, the dhow.

While the historical origins of the dhow is a mystery, it was highly utilized by the people of Qatar for fishing, pearling and trade for centuries. Still to this day, you can find dhows all over the Qatari shorelines.

There’s even a Dhow Festival that is held every year in dedication of the country’s history with the dhow and boating in general.

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