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Five Disney Remakes We Are Excited About

Cosplayers dressed up as Disney princesses at the annual WonderCon comic and entertainment convention in Los Angeles

Ever since our parents were kids, Disney has fascinated the world with their animated tales. Today, most classics are returning in live action adaptations.

Disney has decided to bring back some of their biggest animated movies back, but in live action adaptation, meaning it is filmed and acted instead if animated.

Snow White

snow whiteSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney’s first feature length animated film, and we all know the success it made. The company is taking a second chance with hit, this time in live action and with new original songs. Erin Cressida, the Girl on the Train screenwriter has been asked to write the script, and Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who wrote the lyrics for La La Land, are doing the new songs.


dumboRemember the baby elephant that got bullied for having huge ears? Well he’s coming back. Remember that really trippy part that made you feel like you’re on acid? Well, Tim Burton has been asked to direct the live action adaptation so we can bet our last penny it will be just as trippy.

Aladdin and Genie

GenieDisney is reviving the Aladdin franchise with the story of Genie, the blue-skinned genie that grants Aladdin three wishes. It will reveal how Genie became entrapped in the lamp for thousands of years, and will lead up to the movie about the time he met a street thief name Aladdin.

Cruella de Vil

Cruela de vilThe villain you love to hate is back. This time you’ll get to know her before she went crazy through the city trying to skin 101 little Dalmatians and turn them into a fur coat. The Cruella origin story has a good chance to be starred by Emma Stone, who is currently in negotiation with the studio to portray the iconic Disney villianess.

The Sword in the Stone

ArthurThis 1963 classic tells the story of a young orphan King Arthur, who is taken in and mentored by Merlin the wizard after he manages to pull the magical sword out of the stone. Disney has brought in Bryan Cogman, the a writer-producer on HBO’s hit Game of Thrones, has been asked to write the script for the live action adaptation.

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