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Qatar Might Invest In India Aviation

Qatar Might Invest In India Aviation

India asks Qatar to invest in national aviation sector. may invest in Indian aviation sector

India has invited Qatar to look into investing the country’s growing aviation sector. Qatar has had a huge success founding and operating their own national carrier, Qatar Airways, which in just a few years has grown into one of the world’s largest airliners.

The topic was raised during recent bilateral talks on increasing flying rights between the two nations, where the Indian aviation ministry proposed that Qatar either invests in a raising startup company or look into funding an already existing one.

Qatar Airways have yet not commented on the possibility of an investment, but have said that they will make any developments public, if there will be any.

The Qatar airliner is one of the most popular carriers flying in and out of India, and ranks between sixth and seventh in terms of market share of international travel to and from the country. They compete with fellow GCC member Dubai’s Emirates, which accounts more than any other airliners for flights in and out of the country, with Abu Dhabi’s Etihad falling directly behind.

India is especially interested in Gulf carriers because one-third of all international air traffic through the country happens via the Middle East on Arab airliners.

With rapid increase in India’s international traffic, they depend on Gulf airliners to meet their demand.

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