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activated charcoal

Have you explored the full potential of activated charcoal? Its uses and results will astonish you.

It’s no secret that we all want to look better, and in the search for clearer skin, whiter teeth and looking younger, we try countless of brand cosmetics that don’t really give us the results we want. However, there has always been a product that helps you in ways you never imagined, and it has been hiding in plain sight, it’s activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal isn’t very different from normal charcoal, but what makes it so useful is that it has low-volume pores that increases its absorption power due to a larger available surface area.


If you are a regular coffee drinker or a smoker you might suffer from stained teeth. Well, activated charcoal doesn’t only whiten your teeth, but it also promotes oral health by changing the pH balance in your mouth, which helps prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

All you need is a bit of powdered charcoal, dip a moist toothbrush into it, and work it onto your teeth, just like regular brushing. Do this twice or thrice a week, and you’ll notice a big change.


Activated charcoal can also help you rid your skin from clogged pores, impurities and acne. Simply, mix some powdered charcoal with something that soothes the skin,like aloe vera gel. Break down one capsule with two teaspoons of aloe vera, and apply it to your entire face or the affected area and let it try out.

The charcoal will absorb all toxins and dirt from your skin, and the aloe vera will soothe it and hinder it from going dry. Never go out with a pimple, blackhead or zit ever again.


Being young is not a matter of how you look on the outside, but of how you feel on the inside.

Ingesting a capsule daily can help you with bloating, cleaning your body of toxins and chemicals, as well as lowering your cholesterol levels. All in all, activated charcoal can help you keep your kidneys, liver and digestive tract clean and healthy.

Activated charcoal can be bought in capsule form at almost any pharmacy, and even in some supermarkets. Make sure to put it on the top of your shopping list.

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