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Are You Filling Out Your Job Application?

Job application

Looking for a new career opportunity? Here are 5 ways to perfect your job application.

Have you ever wondered why you did not get an interview even though sent in a job application? The answer is simple, your CV.

When you send out a resume or fill out a job application there are some very crucial pointers that you should always keep in mind. If you want to increase your chances for a call-back or an interview, remember these tips.

1. Don’t give yourself too much credit

It is important that you don’t over-sell yourself. People sometimes believe that it will make them seem more attractive if they give themselves big titles for smaller jobs. Explain what your duties were instead of just giving yourself a title, especially if it was a one-person job or self-employment.

2. Keep it short

We’re sure you’ve been told to keep your CV one A4-long but you just never listen. No one has time to read, and no one will. Don’t list your hobbies like swimming and going for walks, and for sure don’t state that you know how to use Microsoft Office, it’s 2017, everyone knows how to. And keep in mind that if the employer prints your CV, it is easier to lose two pages than it is to lose one.

3. Give them what they want

Just follow the instructions they give you. Send in all information and documents they ask for, and if they ask for a cover letter send one in. If you ignore something on the job application, it’s a sign you might ignore some of your duties.

4. Show qualification not desperation.

Many times people apply to several vacancies within the same company, believing that it shows that they are qualified for more than one position. Well, even if you are, don’t. When you apply for more than one job position it shows desperation and not qualification. Choose the position you’d like to have the most, or the one you believe you’re most likely to get, and go for that one only.

5. Write well

It is OK if you have a spelling mistake or two, but if your resume looks sloppy overall, don’t bother sending it in. If you don’t take enough time and dedication to perfect your own resume, the document that presents you to the company, it is most likely a sure thing that they won’t call you back. Choose your words smartly, and sound professional. But also, don’t over do it.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll already be slightly ahead of other candidates. Good luck!

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