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HawaScene Just Opened At Dahl Al Hamam Park

HawaScene opens Qatar's first outdoor cinema

HawaScene brings you Qatar’s first outdoor cinema to Dahl Al Hamam Park, and other ones are following soon.

HawaScene at Dahl Al Hamam Park - MME

HawaScene at Dahl Al Hamam Park – MME

Qatar’s first ever outdoor cinema facility complete with a huge screen has opened across the field in Dahl Al Hamam Park. the project has been dubbed HawaScene – The Outdoor Movie Experience, and was inaugurated by the director of the Public Gardens Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Mohamed Ali al-Khouri, on Friday evening.

In his address, al-Khouri expressed that HawaScene is a new and distinguished addition to public gardens and parks in the country. He also stressed on his joy over the concept of open-air cinemas finally reaching Qatar after having existed in many countries for decades.

The cinema is aimed for families and children and will be screen animated and awareness films, as well as Arabic language movies for young viewers brought to them by a co-operation between the cinema and Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.

Screening times will be during Thursdays and Friday from 7 PM until 9 PM. The movies will be shown over a 5 meter high, 8 meter wide screen, with speakers installed around the park to give the viewers a dramatic surround sound cinematic experience.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment said in a statement that the cinema was opened with the aim of utilizing gardens and parks to provide entertainment to visitors of various age groups, especially families and children, during weekends. They also announced that there will be various physical activities, quizzes, and other fun to maximize the children’s experience.

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