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Is Qatar Ready For Hard Rain?

Early winter rain on Airport road, The Peninsula - Photo by Abdul Basit

Early winter rain has just started and it’s already getting the worst out of Qatar.

As the first rain of winter are hitting Qatar, it is showing us just how prepared the country is. While it’s generally a warm country with more summer climate than winter, it is easy to forget to prepare of the cold and wet seasons.

With the first rainfall this weekend, several malls were forced to close down and roofs and shops began leaking. Some were more damaged than others.

According to Doha News observers, the downpours hit Villagio Mall so heavy that part of the ceiling collapsed, while other part of the mall flooded. The Doha-based news outlet named Patrice salon and Virgin Megastore among the most affected shops, alongside H&M and Zara.

They also reported that the whole VIP section at Villagio was dark, with employees mopping up rainwater everywhere. Employees were even lined up at Carrefour buying mops.

Another local news website, The Peninsula, reported heavy hits a Landmark Mall. Not only was parts of the mall leaking, the parking area was completely flooded with water everywhere.
Both malls have had rain troubles in the past.municipality-numbers-qatar

In Abu Hamour, Dar Al Salaam mall closed down completely because of water leaks this afternoon. Mall officials told the press that they are planning to reopen today, but provided no information about when.

The government has issued several warnings and have told people to drive safely during the heavy rain. According to forecasters, the heavy rainfall and thunder clouds will continue for next week, meaning that people will have to prepare and be careful.

The leakage and flooding has not been limited to malls only. Several streets and residential area and properties have been victims of the rain as well. The government issued a poster with numbers people can call to contact their local municipality in case they need help with flooding or leakages.

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