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Designated Survivor – Netflix Review

designated survivor

One show has conquered post-US TV, Designated Survivor. Kiefer Sutherland saves America again, this time from the White House.

ABS’s newest political drama, in which “24”star Kiefer Sutherland plays the coincidental US president after an attack leaves all three branches of government killed, have dominated post-election viewers charts. Airing first on September 21, the episode of Designated Survivor hit a record of 7.67 million viewers on DVR, beating the 2014 record of 7 million viewers achieved by the pilot of How to Get Away with Murder.

The show starts of on the night of the State of the Union address, around the time in which U.S Secretary of Housing and Urban development’s role in the White House is shaky, a terrorist attack on the Capitol puts him in charge of the country. Tom Kirkman (Sutherland) is the designated survivor, whose duty it is to assume control of government in case of emergency, but the world around is asking if he’s prepared for the job.

Under the circumstances of his appointment, people aren’t very positive about the person who was almost out of Washington running the country. Generals feel he’s too weak, and governors believe he has no legitimate jurisdiction. Tom has to do everything in his power to prevent the country from falling apart, and it seems as if no one is on his side.

There’s no wonder that the show has achieved the positive reception it has. At a time in which the political situation in the US is tense, this show reminds them that the threat from the outside is always there, and reminds them of how important it is to stick together and to trust their leadership.

The show is intense to watch, it will leave you passionately curious about what next episode has to offer. Even though it is not a Netflix production per se, the online entertainment provider is the one broadcasting the show outside of USA and Canada, with a new episode added weekly.

The show is rated 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and a near 5 out of 5 on Netflix.

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