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Discover Six Unusual Phobias

Discover Six Unusual Phobias

Learn more about these six unusual phobias you never knew existed.

We have all met people who have unreasonable amount of fear of something, like being afraid of dogs, spiders, heights, being stuck in a small room or elevator, but there are some really unusual phobias out there. From the fear of number 13 to the fear of forests and trees, if it exists, someone, somewhere, is probably scared to a heart attack from it.



This might be one of the unusual phobias, but to some extent it makes sense. Triskaidekaphobia is fear or avoidance of the number 13, a number we have associated with bad luck for almost forever.



If you have Hylophobia you better pack your suitcase and move to a desert somewhere. It is the fear of trees, woods or forests. It is actually defined as psychological disorder, because seriously, trees? You’re afraid of the thing that gives you oxygen and fruit, there must be a valid reason.



For someone that loves to sleep and hates it when I don’t get enough of it, Somniphobia sounds just crazy. It is the irrational and/or excessive fear of sleep. Sleep! Researchers suggest that it could be a result from feeling loss of control of one’s life, or even the fear of repetitive nightmares.



This is one of the unusual phobias you’d never be able to think up yourself, so it must be a real thing. Xanthophobia is the intense and irrational fear from the color yellow. Even though you might feel like it’s silly, it has actually destroyed some people’s lives. It can be so severe that people who have can’t even hear or read the name yellow without freaking out.



Next time you believe a friend is antisocial because he/she never shows up to outings, maybe Deipnophobia is the real problem. It is the fear of dinner parties, dinner conversations or holding a conversation while eating. People who has this condition usually spend their meals alone, in silence, and might even not eat or eat in silence when with others.



The big mama, the fear of fears. No literally, Phobophobia is the fear of phobias. It is the fear of having fears, or fear of encountering a specific phobia. Sounds terrible.

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