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Hamad International Monorail Will Launch Tonight

The Hamad International Airport monorail that will launch tonight at midnight

Hamad International Airport finally launches their long awaited monorail.

If you happen to be flying in or out Qatar’s Hamad International Airport you might get the chance to hitch a ride in the long-awaited monorail. An airport spokesperson informed Doha News that the monorail will start carrying passengers as of midnight tonight.

Even though the monorail is pretty much as old as the airport itself, it has been closed ever since it opened in 2014. Sitting on top of two 500 meter long track, it has awed travelers for over a year as it swished by like a bullet, but with no one onboard for testing purposes.

The carts will be linking two stations within the airport, about half a kilometer apart, and will carry departing, arriving and transfer passengers. It offers a very soundless journey at a speed of 45 km/h, finishing its trip in under one minute. Since each cart can transport 192 passenger, it can move as many as 6,000 passengers per hour in either direction.

The carts are cable propelled, and are designed to maximize the comfort of the passenger. With glass sides and roof, it offers a panoramic view of the airport environment, and is designed to be completely silent for people inside and outside.

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