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2016 Will Have A Supermoon Finale

2016 Will Have A Supermoon Finale

Are you ready for the supermoon hat-trick coming up for this year’s finale?

The year 2016 has been particularly interesting for alien theorists, space fanatics, and stargazers, with something new happening out on the last frontier every week. This year has already witnessed the first black moon in two years, a blue moon, several eclipses, and will now end the year with a supermoon.

A supermoon is the phenomena of a full moon or a new moon while the moon is the closest as it could get to Earth. This makes the its appear larger and clearer in the night sky, and almost as if it was few miles away. People can take advantage of this extraordinary event to gaze on the details of the moon’s many craters, take your loved one out for a stroll under the moonlight, or even catch some amazing photographs.

The effects of supermoons on Earth not quite understood, but some believe that its association with oceanic and crustal tides increases the risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There’s little evidence to back such claims however.

Before the year is over, we will not have one, but three supermoons. The first already happened on the night of October 16, and the next ones will happen on November 14 and December 14. On these nights, the Earth, sun and moon will all be aligned, and we will get to see the floating rock about 14 times larger and 30 times brighter than

On November 14, it is expected to be an “extra-supermoon”, making it the closest full moon in the 21st century. The same event won’t happen again until November 25, 2034.

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