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Qatar’s Burgeri Opens Its Doors In Central London

Burgeri London

Qatari brands are making headlines, as one of Qatar’s favorite burger joints, Burgeri, opens its doors in London.

Over the Eid holiday, the famous Qatari eatery, Burgeri, which is known to locals to be located on Aspire Park in Doha, opened the doors to its first ever cross-border branch. The restaurant which specializes in gourmet burgers, opened a branch on London’s Great Marlborough Street, across the street from Liberty department store and a small walk from the Oxford Circus.

The new burger joint will not only add value to the Soho area food scene, but will offer quality meat products in a very relaxed atmosphere, with all burgers and meats being 100% halal and in accordance with Islamic rites.

Burgeri is one of Qatar’s favorite restaurants, along with its iconic Burgeri Bus, a big traditional and yellow school bus remodeled to a food cart, which brings a selected menu full of specialties from their permanent restaurant to various locations across Qatar.

Another Qatari favorite-brand has been attracting crowds in London since 2014. Karak & Chapati opened up in Brompton Road in Knightsbridge a little over two years ago, and has since become a landmark for Arab visitors to London, as well as gained large popularity among the Londoners themselves.

Both brands are owned and managed by Aspire Katara Hospitality, and since the brand management company also has other restaurants, like L’wzaar seafood restaurant and Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge, who knows where they might expand to next or which restaurant they might be exporting, along with a taste of Qatar along for the world to enjoy.

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