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The Get Down – Netflix Review

The Get Down

Another brilliant Netflix series has found great success with only six episodes, it’s called The Get Down.

The Get Down is all about how it went down. Set in the 1970’s South Bronx, a city crumbling to pieces, with entire apartment buildings being stripped and burnt down, power cuts and extreme poverty, something beautiful emerges. A revolution fought through art, voiced through expression, a culture created out of oppression, changes the world forever.

The musical drama, even though not based on true events, gives an insight to what it was like to be a poor black youth growing up in the South Bronx area in 1977. In the city running bankrupt, its weakest links become neglected, and that is where four young men, plus one, have their lives changed as something revolutionary is being birthed in the city.

Zeke, is one of the most brilliant students at the local high school and a poet, mostly writing for his beautiful Mylene, who is going to be a singer. As Zeke is trying to impress Mylene during her attempts to stardom, he finds himself in the middle of the upcoming hip-hop scene, and he and his friends are sucked in, deep in.

As Zeke and his friends find a way of expression and the space to revolt through music, graffiti and dance. They start their own crew, and try to become the new kings of New York.

The show is created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis, and has been running on Netflix since August 12, 2016. However, the show has only released the first part of season one, six episodes, each between 53 and 93 minutes.

The Get Down opens each episode with rap bars setting the general mood for the upcoming episode. The words are voice by New York’s legendary rapper Nas, who is the voice of a grown up Zeke.



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