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Qatar Airways Holds Two Firsts Within A Few Days

Qatar Airways Holds Two Firsts Within A Few Days

Qatar Airways Cargo has become the air shipping company to adopt the IATA initiative Cargo-XML messaging standard.

Qatar Airways Cargo has announced that it has become the first air transport service to fully integrate the Cargo Extensible Mark-up Language or Cargo-XML into their management system. The Cargo-XML is the next generation of messaging standard mandated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The initiative will be replacing the older Cargo Interchange Message Procedures, Cargo-IMP standard, as they have stopped development on the messaging service since its last update in 2014.

IATA’s Cargo-XML messaging is the preferred current messaging standard by authority of IATA, and carries out electronic communication between airlines, as well as other parties like shippers, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, regulators, as well as Customs and security agencies.

The language has been standardized and recognized as universal for improving e-commerce and contribute to growth in international trade, as it facilitates communication between global shipments and involved parties. It is made to support easier transmission of larger electronic data, reducing previous costs by simplifying procedures.

This has not been the only achievement to bear the airliner’s name in the last few weeks.

Qatar Airways lent its name and was the title sponsor of the first-ever Qatar Airways Chicago Beach Polo Cup, a new world-class competition taking polo back to the Windy City, where it once was a popular sport.

Teams from six countries participated in the tournament to claim the title of the first Qatar Airways Chicago Beach Polo Cup. hundreds of fans from Chicago and area, gathered to witness the Royal Wales Polo Team being crowned the first Cup champion of the three-day event.

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