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Hjiab dominates New York Fashion Week

Hjiab dominates New York Fashion Week

For the first time ever, a Muslim fashion designer presents a collection with Hijab in every outfit at the New York Fashion Week.

Fashion designer Anniesa Hasibuan from Indonesia, amazed crowds with her very modest Spring Summer 2017 collection. The models wore pants and skirts made from silk, lace and chiffon in a rainbow of pastel colors.

But the beautiful designs of the D’Jakarta collection was not what made the 30-year-old Indonesian artist standout, but rather the fact that all models wore the traditional Islamic headscarf, known as Hijab.

All 48 different looks and outfits were accompanied by an eloquent and beautiful scarf, 10 of which were evening gowns and 38 more ready-to-wear outfits.

By end of the show, Hasibuan received a standing ovation as she took the runway to claim credit for her work, an ovation well served to a bold and courageous move.

Just last August a woman in Nice, France was asked by the local policy authority to remove her burkini while on a public beach. The local authorities had seen the hijab part of the bathing suit as a form of support to terrorist activity. However, many French officials and civilians stood against the act, and spoke for the freedom of women to dress as they like. Same group of individuals who praised Hasibuan’s work, and welcomed it in the world of fashion, whilst efforts are being made to ban Hijabs in some European countries.

Hasibuan’s Hijabs were not the only thing she made history with on fashion week, she was also the first ever Indonesian designer to be featured at the New York Fashion Week. She says her Spring Summer 2017 collection was inspired by her home city, Jakarta, where she has a boutique.

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