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Uber Launches Driverless Taxi in Pittsburgh

Uber Launches Driverless Taxi in Pittsburgh

You can now be chauffeured around town by a driverless Uber car in the city of Pittsburgh.

The transportation innovator’s at Uber have launched their fleet of autonomous and driverless cars in the American city of Pittsburgh.

The cars are modified Volvo sports utility vehicles, and will soon enough be available for anyone who is looking for a cheap fare across the city.

In a supportive move, Uber also announced that they have acquired Otto, a start-up of 90 specialists focused on developing self-driving trucks, some of them former Google and Carnegie Mellon engineers.

The futuristic idea might be seen as a threat by the thousands of Uber drivers around the world. The company made its name by offering anyone one who wanted to earn an extra buck and owned a car the chance to work as a carpool taxi.

One would think that the city had to go over some drastic changes to be able to host the robot-taxis, but in reality they haven’t done much, and the cars are expected to work perfectly around the city’s roads, alleys and uneven terrain.

Soon enough, you will also be able to order a driverless taxi no matter where you are in the world. As it seems, both Detroit and Silicon Valley are very invested in driverless vehicle technology.

Just a few weeks back, car manufacturer Ford Motor’s announced that it would also put fleets of self-driving taxis on American roads in five years, and a company named nuTonomy already have a fleet of robot taxis in Singapore.

Lets hope that the technology is all it claims to be and helps prevent many road accidents, because it seems like long trips will become a lot easier very soon.

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