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Fashion Must Haves Autumn/Winter 2016

Fashion Must Haves Autumn/Winter 2016

Started looking for your winter wardrobe? We can help you stay trendy and prepare your fashion must haves autumn/winter 2016.

It is already September and your summer wardrobe won’t serve you much longer. Soon enough it will be too chilly to wear sleeveless, and too gloomy to wear flashy colors. By following the latest fashion shows, we have gathered all the info you need while preparing for your autumn/winter 2016 fashion must haves.



It seems like the world is going gothic, rebellious and punk. Combat boots are the hottest footwear this season. All of your favorite designers are creating their own version of the thick soled leather combat boots, from Valentino to Alexander Wang, and even Louis Vuitton.



Oh yeah! Velvet is back, and it’s looking better than ever. Velvet is all over, but not in the 90s sense of it. Finally designers are getting more creative with velvet, giving the shiny fabric a little edge, style and warmth.

80s Clothes


We all knew that popular TV shows influenced fashion trends, but no one imagined this to happen. The 80s themed Netflix show Stranger Things have brought back all your favorite things from the golden age of glam metal. Quilted gillets, baseball caps, striped polo shirts and fur-lined denim jackets, they are all back.

Rough Cut Gems


This season is all about being raw, fierce and reviving long-dead trends. All you need to make a statement this a great accessory, and huge and colorful rough cut gems scream the loudest. We are noticing a huge popularity for overly sized rings, necklaces and bracelets, and they all look vicious as hell.

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