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Ashghal Delivers 11 New Schools Ahead Of Academic Year

One of the new school buildings in Qatar developed by Ashghal

Qatar’s Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ have delivered 11 new and modern schools just a few weeks ahead of the new academic year.

Ashghal, Qatar’s Public Works Authority has just handed over 11 new school buildings to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, promising another 4 schools by next week. They are also finalizing 6 new nurseries and kindergarten buildings, ahead of the start of the upcoming academic year, which will start by the end of September.

The development of the new school buildings set the government back some QAR 1 billion, and will help them cope with the rising number of students seeking education.

The new buildings will offer seats for over 10,000 students, and include modern and high standard facilities, like indoor and outdoor sports rooms, lecture halls and scientific laboratories.

At the new schools children can benefit from the space of 25 classrooms, with a seating capacity 650, as well as IT and arts rooms, and nice libraries.

The preschools however, have 12 classrooms each and can accommodate up to 240 children. They also come equipped with activity and play areas, music, arts and computer rooms, and a library space.

These are not the only new schools in Qatar, over the past three years Ashghal has built over 60 schools and 35 preschools, and the country has seen the sprout of several private schools opening across many locations throughout the country.

This is in fact incredible if you keep in mind that the first school in Qatar opened in 1949, and the second in 1954. Since then, Qatar has become a pioneer in modern education throughout the Middle East and Arab region, with over 150 international schools and universities.

While most public schools in the Middle East still rely on chalkboards and outdated curriculums, the new buildings provided by Ashghal adhere to safety fire codes and are special needs friendly.

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