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Consider Adopting One Of These Unusual Pets

Unusual pets

Want to get a pet other than a cat or a dog? There are many unusual pets that are perfect companions for you.

When you were a kid, the first time you thought of having a house for yourself, your fantasy most likely included a pet. Humans have domesticated animals and kept them as pets for millions of years.

Pets have actually proven to be great companionship, and have helped lots of people both physically and emotionally. This has rushed therapists to declare animal therapy as a real and effective form of medical treatment to various mental and emotional illnesses.

The word pet might bring a few animals to your mind, cats, dogs and maybe even birds and fish. However, there are hundreds of animals who are able to be domesticated, and live with humans as companions.

Five unusual pets:


Monkey pet

Monkeys are actually great pets, since they are the most human-like animals. They are fun, can virtually understand you, and can basically join you for any activity. They are easy to understand and they are fast learners.

Pet monkeys are actually popular among upper class society. Queens Catherine de’ Medici and Henrietta Maria both had loved pet monkeys, and not to forget Michael Jackson’s Bubbles.


Ferret pet

Even though it is recommended that pet ferrets are kept in cages, they are very active and playful. And like cats and dogs, they can be walked with a leach, and curious enough to run around turn over a room exploring.

Ferrets will also play with other pets you have. And they would really love to live with another ferret.


Rabbit pet

Rabbits are great pets if you like silence. They rarely make sounds or noise, and aren’t heavy enough to hear moving around the house. What makes rabbits perfect unusual pets, is the fact that each and every rabbit has a distinct personality. Some are cheerful and active, while others are shy and emotional.

Before picking out a pet rabbit, spend some time with it and make sure its personality fits you.

Sugar Gliders

sugar glider pet

A sugar gliders are not only unusual pets, but most people have never heard of them. Even though they are the same size as guinea pigs, they have the life span and intelligence of dogs.

Sugar gliders can be trained, and will learn their name and respond when called to. They can also learn tricks, and can glide through the air.


capybara pets

If you want something between a dog and a guinea pig, a capybara is great for you. They are the world’s largest rodents, but you might need to adopt more than one, since they live in groups.

If you have the space and will to adopt two or more capybaras, they are a lot of fun and very friendly.

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