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All NASA Research For Free On PubSpace

You will soon be able to access all publicly funded NASA research online for free on NASA’s PubSpace.

Great news for space fans and alien lovers, NASA’s PubSpace will give you answers. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that all its publicly funded research will soon be available online, starting Fall 2016. PubSpace is a public web portal created by NASA to publish their research free of charge, for anyone who would like to read it.

But don’t get your hopes up, PubSpace will not contain the X-Files, and will not expose aliens living among us. However, the researches contain studies such as chances of life on Saturn’s Titan, and papers on solar tsunamis. The publications can be great help for students, independent researchers, and basically anyone who wants to learn more.

The project came to life after the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy asked NASA to make their research more accessible back in 2013. In the past, such researches could only be accessed by purchase, that was if they were accessible at all. However, today the agency adopted a policy to make all their NASA-funded research accessible for free within a year of publication.

There are currently over 850 papers available on PubSpace, and many more are promised to come. However, research related to national security will remain inaccessible, obviously.

The initiative is not only being carried out by NASA. Last May EU member states agreed to make European scientific research as available as possible. The plan is to make all scientific research within the EU available for free in an initiative to make scientific knowledge more available globally.

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