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Discover The Never-Ending World Of No Man’s Sky

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Hop up into a spaceship and roam the never-ending universe of No Man’s Sky.

Gamers all over the world have been eagerly waiting for No Man’s Sky ever since it was announced at E3 2014.

No Man’s Sky is an adventure exploration and survival game that never ends. The 18 quintillion planet-large galaxy is procedurally generated, meaning you’ll probably never visit the same planet twice for as long as you live.

What makes this game great is how vast, diverse and original it is. A whole unexplored world is yours for the taking, and rules are yours to make.

The open universe of No Man’s Sky is created by such an amazingly complex algorithm that you might not even find the same flora and fauna twice. Each planet generates animals and plants according to itself, and they develop independently from other planets.

Since each and every planet is different from the next, it is up to the players to explore and catalog the planets and their inhabiting lifeforms. This is an exploration game taken to the next level. Share what you find, and mine and trade with other player across solar systems.

But don’t for one second believe that you’re safe in vastness of space. Every planet, with every ocean and every cave is filled with dangers and hazards. From fighting off spaceships to fighting other players one-on-one, keep your guard up because you will use it.

No Man’s Sky is created by Sean Murray, the creator of Joe Danger, and was first announced at 2013 VGX awards and later on at E3 2014. It was released on PS4 in the US on August 9, and will be released on both PS4 and PC worldwide on August 12.

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