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Laziness Is Linked To High IQ

laziness is linked to high IQ

Researchers have suggested that laziness is linked to high IQ.

The study however does not suggest that all lazy people have high IQ, but rather that people with high IQ are generally lazier. By using a testing method which dates back three decades, doctors have gathered findings suggesting that the more intelligent people spend more time dwelling in their thoughts than people with lesser IQ.

A group of researchers from the Florida Gulf Coast University used a some 30-year-old “need for cognition” questionnaire, which asks subjects how strongly they agree with statements like “I really enjoy a task that involves coming up with new solutions to problems”, and “I only think as hard as I have to”.

The researchers then hand-picked 30 candidates from each end of the spectrum, “thinkers” and “non-thinkers”, and monitored their physical activity for a week through devices worn on their wrists.

The findings showed that “thinkers” were far less physically active than the “non-thinkers”, which led to a conclusion suggesting that physical laziness is a symptom of, but not limited to, having a high IQ.

The hypothesis claims that “thinkers” are less bored by their own thoughts, and thus can happily spend a longer time engaged in them. On the other hand however, “non-thinkers” are dependent on stimulating their minds on external activity to beat boredom.

The fact that laziness is linked to high IQ might come off as great news to the lazy, but doctors urge everyone to adapt a more active lifestyle as it promotes better health and well being.

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