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Tips & Trick That Will Help You Beat Motion Sickness

Tips and tricks to beat motion sickness

Master your body and beat motion sickness with these simple tricks.

Millions of people feel a discomfort while travelling by either car, train, plane, or boat. The set symptoms known as motion sickness may include dizziness, headache, nausea, salivation, sweating, belching, and might even lead to vomiting and hyperventilation. This has hindered millions from travelling in fear of not enjoying their voyage. However, there are simple ways to beat motion sickness. You can try either of these and start enjoying rides right away.

Before we go into details about how to beat motion sickness, it is important that you understand where the motion sickness is coming from. The symptoms associated with motion sickness are just your brain and body trying to sync, but are doing a terrible job. When you are in a car ride, plane or boat, you might not be focusing on the direction you’re moving in. When this happens, your biological system that regulates your balance and posture inform your brain that you’re on the move, but your eyes do not. The different motion statuses your brain receives cause confusion, and in terms a reaction.

The first and foremost thing you can do to beat your motion sickness is to remain calm. It is very common for symptoms to start or intensify when a person worries about them. The more you fight it, the worse it gets. Try to relax. Pace your breathing, close your eyes, or meditate to reduce stress. This is usually the best and easiest way to combat motion sickness.

Another effective way is to place yourself in the right place in the vehicle you’re in. Since it is a sight versus balance battle, choosing a place which reduces either of the triggers can help eliminate symptoms. In a car, it has proven effective to sit in the front seat, or middle seat in the back and focus on the horizon. This way your sight syncs easily with your balance, as both record you’re in motion. When on a plane or a boat however, it is better to sit in the middle and lower levels. Those are the spots with less turbulence, which can trick your mind into believing that you’re standing still.

As a last resort, you can always use medication to beat motion sickness. There are several drugs you can pick up over the counter at any pharmacy. If none of the mentioned methods work, swallow a pill and don’t let anything ruin your ride.

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