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Autonomous Transportation Pods Soon In The GCC

Autonomous transportation pods in the GCC by NEXT Future Transportation Inc - Facebook

With the innovation of Careem and NEXT Future Transportation Inc, we will soon see autonomous transportation pods in the GCC.

Qatar might soon have driver-less transportation to help residents across cities by the next decade.

The Dubai based limo service, Careem has partnered up with the American NEXT Future Transportation Inc, to bring autonomous transportation to the GCC.

The announcement that the two companies will team up for the futuristic venture came out after Dubai announced its Autonomous Transportation Strategy, a plan to make 25 percent of transportation in Dubai driver-less by 2030.

The autonomous transportation pods in the GCC will be a set of electric driver-less pods, which are either self-directed or combined together to form a mini-train or a bus.

The amazing thing about these autonomous transportation pods in the GCC, is that they will run completely on electricity. If Dubai meets its mission of making 25% of transportation driver-less and electric, they will be cutting their fossil fuel dependence drastically, and in terms have less greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

The pods are designed for mass, daily use, and will be able to go door-to-door as well as planned routes.

NEXT Future Transportation Inc. is an American technology company specializing in advanced smart transportation systems based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles, as they define themselves on their Facebook page. The company was started in 2014 and has a headquarter in California.

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