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Distance Learning Or Online Learning, Which Suits You?

Online learning vs distance learning

Learn the difference between online learning and distance learning, two great options to continue your education without attending school.

It is without a doubt important for you to continue your education, no matter what field of profession you’re in. It is a misconception that more education will automatically mean a raise in pay. Now even though it might be the case in many situations, but continuous education helps you stay up to date with developments within your profession, or help you further develop and expand your department. Now this eventually will guarantee you a raise in salary, or you should be looking for a position elsewhere.

Metropolitan life of today is fast. Keeping up with deadlines, friends and family, as well as finding time for yourself is very hard, so how do you find time for education?

The answer lies in distance or online learning. The two are similar by the fact that they are web-based, but are also quite different in many ways.

Distance Learning

Distance education refers to methods of acquiring education without having to be physically present in a classroom. This might be for several reasons, such as living in a remote location, commitment to work or commitment to children.

There are several forms of distance learning. In the past, they used to occur through postal services, where you would be mailed your study material and then have to mail back your assignments and papers. Today however, there are several easier ways. The most frequent or popular method used today is the virtual classroom. The virtual classroom is a software infrastructure which gives students the chance to follow classes, lectures and seminars live via video streaming.

Through virtual classrooms you’re actually in class, participating and following other students input. This is a great way to interact with your professors and classmates, however you won’t be able to physically interact with them, which sometimes is a crucial part of the university experience.

Online Learning

On the other hand, with online education you might not get an interactive university experience at all. The key difference is in timing. When studying through a virtual classroom, you’ll have to commit to classes, seminar and projects by the times but forth by the program.

But with online education you are basically learning by yourself. No classroom, no seminars, no lectures. Just you, your books and a list of instructions and requirements. This is a great option for people who don’t want to commit to time schedules, and need flexibility with their studies.

Now regardless of the type of education you choose to follow, keep in mind that the world is changing. New discoveries, technology and advancements are being made everyday in every field. Therefore you can never go wrong with further education.

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