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Facelift Exercises You Can Do At Home

facelift exercises you can do at home

Avoid costly surgeries and injections with these facelift exercises you can do at home.

Below are few very simple facelift exercises you can do yourself to help preserve and rejuvenate your skin.

First of all you should start with your eyes. The eyes are essence to every beauty, they are the main focus point during a conversation, and the most noticeable part of your face.

Eyelid Stretches:

Stretching your eyelid muscles is an easy thing to do. This exercise will help you stretch them out, remove wrinkles and get stronger eyelids.
Relax your eyelids and lift your eyebrows using your fingers. Create resistance by forcing your eyelids shut while lifting. Repeat this 10 times, holding for around 10 seconds each time.

Forehead Pulls:

This is a very effective way to smooth out the lines on your forehead,as well as firming the skin.

Using your index finger, pull down on your eyes from just under your eyebrow. At the same time raise your eyebrows to a surprised position. Repeat sets of 10.

Mouth Rotations:

Probably the simplest of all facelift exercises, all you need is a functioning set of lips.

Open your mouth while giving you teeth space. Move your lips closer together as if your saying a long “OO”, hold for a few seconds and release into an “EE”.

Keep doing the OO-EE, without your teeth touching. Hold for a few seconds each time.

Thumb Sucker:

Yes, just like it sounds. These facelift exercises can help you firm your lips, and maybe swell them up a bit.

Suck on your finger or thumb, suck hard and long as if it was a piece of spaghetti hanging out. While sucking the hardest, pull your finger slowly out of your mouth. Repeat sets of 10s.

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