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Pokemon GO Release Is Near

Pokemon GO Logo - Courtesy of Pokemon

The Pokémon company has announced that field tests for their upcoming mobile game, Pokemon GO will end on June 30 as they are preparing for official release.

Earlier this year, enthusiasts in USA, New Zealand, Japan and Australia who wanted an early glimpse of the highly anticipated Pokemon GO where able to download and play the game as it was still under development.

As the game’s official release date is approaching, the developers have said that they will pull the beta version and delete all gameplay data. This means that very soon all of us will be catching ‘em all. The field tests used gamer feedback and experience to perfect the game and add final touches.

Scheduled to be released sometime this July, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game from the popular Pokemon franchise. Players will be able to catch, train and battle Pokemons in real time through the cameras on their smartphones, Android and iOS.

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game (AR) meaning that players will be searching their own surroundings for Pokemons. Water Pokemons will be found near water and grass Pokemons in parks, the app will use your phone’s camera to find which Pokemon is close to you. This however will make it hard to catch ‘em all since people who don’t travel will be stuck with a select types of Pokemons.

The game is not an roleplay game, meaning you won’t have to follow a storyline, but will be able to create your own with your friends. Trainers can build their own gyms or team up with other trainers to take over gyms.

It will be released with a wearable device, Pokemon Go Plus for circa $34.99, which will be your own Pokedex and help you through the game.

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