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Top VR Games of 2016

Man gaming with VR goggles on

Forget about screen gaming, after 2016 it’s all about the virtual reality. VR games are taking over and everyone is losing their mind.

With launch of projects like Oculus, Gear VR and Google Cardboard developers are rushing to launch VR games. With the world already amazed with what games has been released in the near past, more and more are getting excited for what the future holds.

In case you have not gamed on VR yet, then we highly recommend you do. Here are a few recommendations to try, or wait for.

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

This upcoming installment to the Star Wars franchise will be the first to be released on PlayStation VR only. Instead of looking for way to adding VR to already existing games, the developers wanted to create one with the sole purpose of providing a premium VR gaming experience.



The popular game has always been in first person point of view, but with the new VR mode you will be right in it. Do all the things you love, from building to breaking, exploring and fighting, but from a new perspective. You might have fought many creeps, but none face-to-face.


VR Kart

This one of the top pics for both serious and casual gamers. Being one of the most popular VR games on the market, VR Kart is a fun and thrilling racing game in the style of Mario Kart. Both young and old would enjoy this game.


Robinson: The Journey

Crash land on a mysterious planet and start exploring. The action packed game will not only give you a new gaming experience, but also a new world experience. Roam this new and strange planet with the freedom of 360 degrees exploration ability.

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