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House of Cards – Netflix Review

Netflix original series House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright

House of Cards is a Netflix original series starring Kevin Spacey as US congressman and house majority whip, Francis J. Underwood.

It is not to early to call this masterpiece a classic. House of Cards is a journey into the life of South Carolina congressman Frank Underwood as the Democratic party’s whip in capitol hill. The dark and gloomy story line is far from a good prevails over evil fairy tale. From the world’s point of view, politics is that dirty, if not dirtier.

Kevin Spacey plays congressman Francis J. “Frank” Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District, who is House Majority Whip, and one of the most powerful men in congress. He is a man of tradition, strong virtue and is highly pragmatic, but will stop at nothing on his way to power.

Frank lives in Washington DC with his wife, the beautiful Claire Underwood, a lobbyist who runs an environmental organization. The two share unconditional love and support, in a rather surreal manner where the end justifies the means. For example, when Claire finds out that Frank is having an affair with a Washington Herald journalist, she is completely supportive of the relationship as long as end goals are met.

Making it clear in the earliest episodes, Frank is seeking power and not money, and will not let anything stand in his way. Together with his equally deviant wife, and chief of staff Doug, they are a political kill squad, out to eliminate any competition or obstacle.

Even though not based on actual events, House of Cards sheds light on the political reality in USA. It depicts the grim methods of the political power struggle.

Of course Frank’s voyage from congress to the White House will not be easy. Murder, treachery, bribes and affairs are all part of the hill game, and Frank has just started playing.

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