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AquaSonic: An Underwater Concert

Between Music violinist playing underwater during AquaSonic

The Danish band ‘Between Music’ played their first underwater concert, named AquaSonic.

After ten years of experimentation and trials, the world’s first aquatic music band ”Between Music” brings AquaSonic, the first ever underwater concert to life.

After a decade of development, the Danish “aqua band” Between Music played their first public underwater concert in Rotterdam on May 27 of this year.

Years back, Between Music lead singer and composer Laila Skovmand made the decision to learn how to sing underwater. Starting with her face down in water filled kitchen bowls, the artist didn’t make much more than sounds and bubbles.

Practice always makes perfect. After countless trials, Laila finally invented a method that let her sing submerged. While holding one large air bubble in her mouth, she sings through it while submerged in water.

From that simple idea and vision, Between Music began working on the AquaSonic underwater concert, which takes the audience through a once in a lifetime experience. As harmonic and angelic as the display is, it carries a surreal and uncanny aura from beyond this world.

The exhibit is presented by five performing artists, submerged in water tanks, playing on their own custom made instruments. They include the highly peculiar underwater hydraulophone, violin, electromagnetic harp, chimes and percussion. When played alongside Laila’s distinctive underwater singing technique the sound is out of this universe.

Even though this type of music might not appeal to everyone, it sure has a certain attraction to it which has built an anticipating cult fan base around the world.

Being the first part of Between Music’s Quadrology Human Evolution, a four-piece work inspired by the human evolution, we are highly anxious to hear what’s next.

Image and video courtesy of AquaSonic website.


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