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Qatari Designers Making Fashion Headlines

Inspired by tradition and roots, Qatari designers have been making local and international fashion headlines for their innovative touches. From couture abayas to arabesque graphic t-shirts, Qatar-based and Qatari fashion designers are on their way to dominating the fashion industry in this part of the world.

Among the hundreds of Qatari designers, here are 3 you should keep track with:

Wadha Al Hajri

Founding her brand, Wadha, in 2010, Wadha is a Qatar based designer who was influenced influenced by Qatari heritage and tribal renaissance. She looks to incorporate elements from Islamic and Bedouin patterns, and expose the beauty of Arabic culture.

Maqdeem Al-Naama

Her abaya label named after the designer herself, Maqdeem is a veteran abaya revolutionist. Keeping the heritage and culture of Qatar, she has made abayas more colorful, lively, modern and chic. An electrical engineer by day and designer by night, Maqdeem’s lines have sold out in hours.

Razan Suliman

Having studies information technology, the founder and owner of Fanilla Couture t-shirt label is a self-taught designer. Spending hours and sleepless nights for years, Razan has made a name for herself creating contemporary graphic t-shirts inspired by the Arabic culture.

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