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Ooredoo Will Have 5G In Qatar By 2020

Ooredoo, the Qatari semi-state owned telecommunications company has announced that it is planning to have fifth generation mobile networks (5G) up and running by 2020. The company also announced that they might begin 5G testing as soon as 2018.

Addressing the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference in Doha, the CEO of Ooredoo Waleed al-Sayed outlined the company’s vision and efforts to launch 5G services in the country.

5th generation mobile networks or 5G is the next big phase in mobile telecommunication standards. It is supposed to be faster and more efficient than the 4th generation mobile networks, where multi-gigabyte data can be exchanged within seconds.

Having already started with the infrastructure for 5G services, the company announced that it has also signed agreements with international tech companies to build the region’s first 5th generation research and development center in Doha.

Ooredoo, already Qatar’s largest telecom company, provides provides mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services with market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets. As of September 2015 they had 114 million customers world wide, with businesses stretching through the Middle East, Europe and Asia, including Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Myanmar, Maldives, Oman, Palestine, Qatar and Tunisia.

Ooredoo operates with a market capitalization of QR 301.2 billion,over $82.7 billion USD, and was named the “Best Mobile Operator of The Year” at the World Communication Awards 2013.

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