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Creating The Perfect Arm Party

This one is for both men and women, when it comes to giving edge to your outfit, nothing gives a statement as strong as an arm party.

However chic or stylish arm parties are, they can be tricky. How do you created the perfect complementation to your outfit without looking like a 13-year old?

Keep it color coordinated: Unless you’re feeling adventurous, stick to a color scheme. This will give a more serious and planned look to your party, and keep in mind that it should complement your outfit. Different shades of a color make a great combination, and matching colors can look amazing, but try to avoid mixing primary colors.

Keep it themed: Choosing a theme will give the perfect impression of cohesion. Take the mood into consideration, the season and the intended venue, that way you can create a theme that fits well, and gives you that extra touch of “dressed-for-the-occasion”.

Centerpiece: If you are wearing a watch, or a bracelet you prefer not taking off, choose your arm party accessories accordingly. Let the centerpiece stand out, and the rest support. Keep the color and size rules in mind.

Size does matter: Larger pieces can, and most likely will cover up smaller ones. Keep a size reasonable size ratio between your accessories.

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