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5 Office Must Haves

No office desk is complete without these witty stationary items.

As kids we all dreamed of the day we would have our own office work desk. We thought of it to be more glamorous than it actually is. And now that most of us have desks and offices, the desk furniture have changed. In the past one would have a fax machine, a name plate, and whatever 90’s technology that now fits into your phone.

For this reason we searched for some new and creative office gadgets and desk furniture for you.

Digital Smart Pen

This small fella doesn’t only record conversations and meetings, but can also transform handwriting into digital text. Keep all your notes, meeting minutes and work conversations in one place, and easily share, edit and/or upload them, as these pens usually come with a USB cable.


This is a world pandemic, not finding enough USB ports in your computer, or even worse, they don’t properly fit more than one cable. This is definitely a must have, it makes one USB outlet into 2, 4, 6 or how many you want.

Privacy Filter

This was actually pretty trending to have on your phone for a while. It is basically a screen that goes onto your screen and makes it impossible to see what is on the screen, unless you’re directly in front of the screen. This is a good option for those working on secret projects or in public areas.

Key Alarm

Actually one of the greatest, underrated inventions of all time. You will never lose your keys again with a key alarm. Whenever you’re unsure of where you put your keys, grab your phone and give it a ring. Models like Chipolo works on keys, bags and phones, and once you call up your Chipolo through a computer or phone app, it will ring out loud, giving away its hideout.

Mini Whiteboard

These are more efficient than sticky notes, and more fun than a notebook. With a small whiteboard you can get creative, write down notes and schedules, and it is 100% reusable.


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