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New Cinema Complex at Gulf Mall

Gulf Mall will be having a state-of-the-art cinema complex.

Drift into the world, beyond the one you were born into. A world where anything can happen, the world of movies. An idea imagined by one man becoming a real story portrayed on the silver screen, bringing all our wildest fantasies to life, and more. Doha film enthusiasts now have a new state-of-the-art 13-screen theater to enjoy when feeling that wanderlust.

The Bahrain Cinema Company, otherwise known as Cineco, opened a new high-tech cinema complex at the Gulf Mall in Gharada in Doha this weekend. The 13-screen cineplex is about 5,645 square meters, and houses a total of 2,318 individual seats across a selection of 13 screens.

Fully equipped with the latest in cinema entertainment technology, the $16.4 million facility has one of the biggest screens in the region, standing 22.5 meters wide, as well as two exclusive VIP halls with individual ticket counters, concession stands and entrance.

The big screen will rock your boots with its Dolby Atmos system, which is the latest in cinema audio technology, giving you a real-feel with real sounds coming from 5 different directions, the fifth being the ceiling.

With this latest installment, Cineco now operates 47 screens across Qatar, with their widespread geographical locations making cinema in Doha more accessible. While in Bahrain they operate a total of 49 screens.


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