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Qatar Airways Expands Its Fleet

Qatar Airways have announced that they received their 50th Boeing 777 last May, making the total count of aircrafts in operation to over 180 single aisle and wide-body planes.

The global carrier operates their triple seven fleet to several intercontinental destinations, like Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Houston, some of the longest quests in flight hours that the airways travels to. Today, Boeing 777’s account for 35 per cent of Qatar Airways’ flights, both passenger and cargo.

The Boeing 777 is the brand-name of a collection of long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliners, developed and manufactured by the French aircraft makers, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. To the date, the 777 is the largest twin-jet in the world, with a seating capability of up to 451 passengers. The super jet has a flying range of up to 17,600 km, and can reach speeds of Mach 0.89 or 945 km/h, at a cruise altitude of 11,000 m.

Being one of the world’s largest Boeing 777 operators, Qatar Airways mostly use the triple seven’s for extra long trips. They recently announced that the 777 will fly to Auckland, New Zealand from the airlines hub in Doha, Qatar. The flight from Doha to Auckland will be the longest commercial air-route in the world, taking 18 hours and 20 minutes.

Qatar Airways announced that another extra-long route will be added to their over 180 destinations. As of June 1, they will be offering direct flights to Atlanta, USA, on-board an Airbus A38.

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