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Dubai Buys World’s Most Expensive Diamond

The Dubai-based rough diamond trading company, Nemesis International, bought the world’s most expensive diamond from the Canadian Lucara.

The stone is one of the world’s biggest diamond ever unearthed, weighing 813 carat. The jewel was sold for $63 million, and was mined from Lucara’s Karowe mine in Botswana, in southern Africa.

The gem is said to be 813 carats, and selling for $63 millions, prices each carat at $77,649. It was named The Constellation.

The Constellation is however still in the rough and needs to be cut and polished, with Nemesis International looking into ways of cutting it, Lucara retains a 10% share from the diamonds final selling price.

However, The Constellation might not remain the world’s highest priced diamond for long. Also in November 2015, Lucara unearthed another rough giant in Botswana, Lesedi la Rona. The stone weighs 1109 carat in the rough and is the largest diamond discovery in a century. The largest diamond ever mined was the Cullinan, which was cut into the Great Star of Africa and fitted into the British Crown jewels.

Experts estimate that Lesedi La Rona, which auctioneers say means “our light” in Botswana’s Tswana language, will sell for over $70 million. It will be offered in a stand-alone auction on 29 June 2016.

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