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Brands For A Cause – When Business & Charity Meet

Usually heads of companies get carried away in the competitive markets of today, and forget or lose time enough to be human. Sure, accumulating wealth is a very nice feeling, having enough to spend without worrying to make ends meet, but sharing is what makes us bond.

Sharing and caring is a humane way of showing and expressing love and solidarity. Many companies and organizations around the world are choosing to invest in the development of their surrounding or underprivileged communities around the world. And others are in business just to help.

These three brands have created genius ways of creating  businesses based on charity, benefiting both the companies and the less fortunate.



TOMS is the a company founded to give. Starting in 2006, this genius idea is the perfect merge between charity and business. What makes TOMS so special is that whenever you buy a TOMS product you are being the least selfish, because no matter what you buy, you’re buying something of great value for someone else. If you buy a pair of shoes, you’re buying a child in need a pair as well. If you buy TOMS eye wear, you’re in reality buying eye surgery for someone who needs it. And if you are buying a TOMS bag, you’re helping to train birth attendants and providing essential birth material needed for the safety of both mother and child during delivery.





Sevenly is just heavenly. This organization was founded in 2011 to team up with a new charity or organization each week to create special item sales. 7% of every individual sale is donated to that partner charity. Since they started, Sevenly have been able to sell $4 million in charities, impacting 2 million lives around the world.



Feed, the name speaks for itself. The company was established to feed children and families all around the world. Through sales of mainly women’s bags, and other accessories, Feed focuses on providing school lunches to children all over the world. Right now they are active in 63 countries.

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