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Saving Money in Qatar

As Qatar is expanding so is the cost of living. The rise in cost of living is not exclusive to Qatar, but the whole world. Through this world economy people are finding it hard to save up or even making ends meet. Qatar has for long been a popular career destination for expats because of their high salaries and absence from tax laws, however saving an extra buck is never a bad thing.

To save an extra buck in Doha you can start with the way you eat. Since many expats are singles with no families, they find it easier to dine out with friends, or quicker to order delivered food. Individual meals might not seem very expensive, but in the long run the money spent on restaurant dining adds up to a hefty sum. You can save big bucks on investing in homemade food. Buy a cookbook with quick and tasty recipes, some are even written to be budget friendly. Even though a grocery bill might seem high, it is usually a once a month payment.

When it comes to going out people choose places they spend at like, the movies, restaurants and parties. These are the places where you spend money without noticing. But what many people don’t take advantage off are Qatar’s museums, parks and government sponsored events. Most museums and parks in Qatar are free for the public to enjoy, and when they happen to host events, ticket prices usually range for under $20.

Many expats choose to live in company sponsored accommodation. This might be a good solution for some, but for others, especially families, the apartments can be small, uncomfortable or a bad location for them. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to do a little research. You can easily find more comfortable housing outside of central Doha. Current popular areas include Gharaffa and Ain Khalid, where high value housing can be found at reasonable prices.

Qatar also has several discount clubs and coupon services which can be very helpful when it comes to saving.

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