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Five Sentimental Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding season is at the door, and we are all shopping for dresses, awaiting the festivities, and the celebrations of love which binds together two individuals who love each other dearly. Wedding days are days of joy, where we honor love, and cherish the bond our friends or family have built.

Wedding registries are extremely popular these days, now if the wedding one is invited to is a wedding of two not-too-close people, or acquaintances, then the wedding registry is definitely something we opt for. It is an easy and practical manner to give people the gift they want.

However when one of your loved ones gets married, it poses different questions, especially that giving them a sentimental and personal gift is something dear to their hearts. So today we decided to come up with a list of gift ideas which make perfect sentimental gestures, for newly wed couples.

Engraved Gold Bracelets, this is a gift that the couple can wear every day it is sentimental, it is something they can remember you by everywhere you go. The bracelets can be engraved with the couple’s wedding date, or a sweet word or wish.

A lace garter is also a lovely gift, it is not something both the bride and groom will wear, however it is an item which serves a souvenir of the lovely celebration.

A vintage locket with a family photo is an amazing gift, it is something the bride and groom can both keep forever, and it is utterly magical. Lockets have a vintage and sweet feel, and they will definitely stir some memories for the couple.

Buy a photo tree stand, and place all family photos, and photos of the couple together in it. This is an item the bride and group can keep at home, and it is a constant reminder of all the love they have in their life.

Make personalized labels “Our first drink at home”, “Our first marital squabble”, and a third “Our First Wedding Anniversary”. Place these labels on the couple’s favorite wine, they will sure find appropriate time to indulge in this gift.

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