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A Guide to Self-Branding

Right now is a great time to take your business online. Paying for office space, hiring staff and assistants, and buying office furniture is a tough bill to settle, especially for startups and small businesses. Therefore many small-business owners are choosing to launch their companies online. Taking a business to the virtual world breaks the limits of geography, open hours and availability, giving you reach to both your business and clients, no matter what time it is, no matter where in the world you are. Digital marketing and advertising has become the fastest and most reliable way to keep track of your business’ popularity, to reach your target audience, and to engage with your niche community.

Branding map


If you are planning to start your own business or make your opinion on things reach, here are a few tips on how to brand yourself:

1- Define your brand: This is first step to creating anything is defining it. Before you go public and try to get people to understand your brand, you need to fully understand it first. What defines you? What makes your brand special and different from other brands? You need to fully and clearly specify who you want you and your brand to be, the image and perception you want people to have about you.

2- Research your brand: This is called SWOT analysis, you need to research your brand Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. This is a must, you need to understand and know your full potential and what you’re up against before starting.

3- Find your target audience: It is very important that you single out your target audience. Products (in this case yourself) can’t be suitable for everyone, meaning that different groups of people react to messages differently. You can not market a product the same way to 10-year-olds in New York as to 35-year-olds in Utah. Figure out your target audience and tailor your plan, tone and image to fit them first, and your secondary target secondly.

4- Create a strategic plan: When it is time to take your product online, put down a plan. A strategic plan consists mainly of Objectives and Tactics. Draw out a map of what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve them. This help your brand maintain a steady and clear image.

5- Manage your brand: Work is never done when it comes to starting your own business. It is your own, no one will come and do things for you. Therefore you will need to stay engaged and active through social media and real life. If you take a break you’ll most likely be forgotten.


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