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Simple Exercises for Work

It’s a jungle out there and it seems impossible to balance gym and work. Achieving at a high-demanding job and keeping fit is out of the question. Every time you say you will pass by the gym after work, or after dinner, or after anything, it won’t happen.

However, you can keep the blood flowing and your body active with help from these office exercises we have collected from around the web.

The first thing you must remember to do every few hours is to stretch. Stand up, move your neck around. Tilt it towards all sides slowly and as much as you can. Bend over like you’re trying to touch your toes, and arch as far back as you can.

Roll your shoulders in circular movements to the front and to the back, around 10 times each.

Give your wrists few twirls, and stretch one arm up high and using your other arm, pull your fingers backwards and down. Hold for three seconds, then whilst still holding your fingers try to pull up. Switch arms and repeat.

Give your legs and ankles a good stretch as well. Grab your calf and pull it up towards your back and hold for a few seconds.


A cartoon doing office exercises

Cardio is probably the most important type of exercise there is. Nothing comes close to being as important as keeping your heart healthy and working. There are several small cardio exercises you can do at work that will do you good.

First and easiest thing you can do is take the stairs. Whenever you’re give the choice between elevator and stairs, chose the latter. You’ll be surprised to know how much good a few flights of stairs a day can do you.

Try to jog in stationary mode, or do the soccer drill. Another good cardio is sit-dancing. Yes! Dance in your seat. Put on some good tunes and shake while you work.

Train your legs and butt by standing up to a wall, then sit on air with your back against the wall. Hold this position from 30 seconds to a minute. You can do this while conversing with a colleague or while browsing through your phone.

You can also try The Squeeze. While sitting, squeeze you butt and hold it for 15 seconds. Repeat several times a day for a while and you’ll notice that your butt has gotten slightly more toned.


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