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Guide to The Perfect Sunglasses

Summer is here and we are all worrying about that small piece of accessory that will give you edge and character, the sunglasses. No summer outfit is ever complete without a cool pair if shades to give you that summer edge, and we can help you pick out the frames that fit you best.

Before we explain how to pick up a pair of shades that look good, we have to remind you to buy a pair that works. Sunglasses are a fashion accessory, but they are also protection, keeping your eyes safe from dangerous UV rays. Try to find out if the glasses you like come with UV filter lenses and are not just a piece of glass or plastic.

The first step towards determining which frame type fits you is to figure out the shape of your face. Experts classify face shapes into 4 categories usually, round, oval, square or heart shaped. You might find that your face shape doesn’t resemble either, don’t worry, we have a graph below to guide you.

To find the shape of your face, stand facing a mirror and using a temporary marker, map it out.

Round: Round faces are usually the widest at the cheeks and narrower by forehead and jawline. Therefore thicker frames with with angles, like polygons or rectangles will balance it out.

Oval: Oval faces are usually longer than they are wide, so both square and round frames fit perfectly. Just make sure not to pick glasses that are too big for your face.

Square: Square like faces need something to soften up the edges. Find a pair with round edges or circular frames. It would also look better if the frames were thin, even try on a pair of frameless glasses, you might like them.

Heart shaped: Heart shaped faces are the ones that are wider towards the top than they are towards the jawline, like an inverted triangle. Frames that are wider on top and narrower towards their bottom will fit you perfectly.

Frames and faces infograph

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