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App Review – Telegram

Since the smartphone emerged, people all over the world have been waiting, no, longing for the perfect app. People want to chat, search and game, all in one place. Many apps have appeared, vowing to give us the best messaging experience, and disappeared leaving behind broken promises. Before we continue, ask yourself what it is you look for in an instant messaging (IM) app.

Today we bring you an app that have more features than you ever thought would fit in one place. It is fast, it can do anything any other IM app could and more, and it is 100% guaranteed to be secure.

Telegram was developed by the pioneering Durov brothers, same people who are behind Russia’s largest social network, VKontakte (VK). Telegram is an instant messaging app that gives you the speed and reliability of WhatsApp, and similar messaging experience, but to explore all its potential will take you days.

While most apps today exists on one platform and are limited to the developers, Telegram chose a different path. The app is available in three formats so far, mobile (both Android and iOS), desktop and web, and all are simultaneously synced. What really makes this app special, aside from being super secure and safe, it allows basically anyone to build a Telegram client of their own, even for the desktop version.

Telegram scores above 4/5 stars on basically any app review site, and has had over half a billion downloads around the world. There’s so much to explain about this app, but so few words. Download it and try it out for yourself.

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