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Rock Climbing in Qatar

Ever felt like everything has been done before? When you have that urge to get something special out of Qatar, and maybe have an experience outside off Doha, try rock climbing.

Believe or not, rock climbing is actually pretty popular sport in Qatar, as well as bouldering. Today, Doha has many inside and outside climbing walls for both athletes and amateurs. The walls are usually part of a gym or attraction.

However, Qatar is not all desert. If you wish to experience real rock climbing, Qatar offers some beautiful cliffs and caves, perfect for any rock sport.

Zekreet, a village in north-western Qatar near Dukhan, about 90 km northwest of Doha, has a number of large rock formations. The beautiful natural statues have lengths reaching up to 15 meters.

Musfer Sinkhole is a natural cave-like rock structure in Umm Al Shabrum, in central Qatar. Over the years this cave has become is a popular spot for bouldering enthusiasts.

The drive alone out to the desert will be an experience, and if you have the chance, camp out for the night. With appropriate guide, a night in the desert can be very fun. When it comes to equipment, you can find them at almost any sports shop at any mall.

To escape the heat and enjoy climbing under controlled temperatures, several malls and social clubs have some really neat climbing walls, which always a fun activity.

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