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On The Latest Netflix Original Series Marseille

A very unique series has come to Netflix, and unlike the rest of the series produced by Netflix, this one also happens to be in French and about France’s beautiful town on Marseille. The series title is also called Marseille.

The series stars some brilliant french actors and actresses, and it revolves around the backdrop of the French port city of Marseille. The story emphasizes on corruption, politics, greed, and money.

Marseille is Netflix’s debut series in French, and it was released on the 5th of May, only a few days ago.

Gerard Depardieu, an extremely familiar face in cinema, as well as Benoit Magimel, and Stephanie Calliard.

Calliard, plays the daughter of Marseille’s mayor played by Gerard Depardieux. Overall this series is entertaining, and quite easy on the eye, it is a nice picture, and it is a completely new challenge, genre, and audience for Netflix.

Netflix is giving us some interesting things to watch, plenty of new releases have been coming our way, so make sure to stay tuned to the blog for more detailed in depth reviews.

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